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The Zerr Sot

With the extension "Zerr Sot" you can:

Block annoying banners

Block of crypto miners

Block video ads

Block phishing sites

Speed up your navigation

Save on bandwidth

"Zerr Sot" - ad blocker prevents a lot of different types of ads. This includes pop-ups, banners, and even malicious objects that are used for phishing or for crypto miners to use your resources.
Pricing Plans

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Enjoy All The Features:

  • Block video ads
  • Block annoying banners
  • Block popups
  • Block of crypto miners
  • Block phishing sites
  • Speed up your navigation
  • Save on bandwidth

How it works

The goal of any ad blocking software is to stop the obsession. There are several ways to do this. The first way is to remove all ads from the page that may be intrusive. The second way is to block online ad requests until they are downloaded. We use both of these methods, as well as additional mechanisms to help improve our efficiency.

Permissions which are needed for the extension to work:

When installing the extension "Zerr Sot", messages such as "Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit" may pop up, this is necessary to block advertising content on the sites you visit and full work our extention.

Personal information:

We don’t collect or store any personal or personal information about you, for all questions, write to [email protected].